Designs & Features of the Best Church Websites

Having a place to go to grow in faith, love, and community, is what a church is all about. With today’s modern technology many people are searching online to find the right church for them.

This makes having a great church website essential in order to be seen in those moments where people are looking online.

Your church web design represents you, your community, and your mission; these elements play an important role in how you perform online and bring people through your doors.

We’ve analyzed and narrowed down a list of 6 church websites that we consider to be the best currently on the web. These websites use advanced features, call to action, and bring the right information front and center for their visitors.

If you’re designing or redesigning your church website, consider these key factors in user experience and design as they will help to ensure that your website is as welcoming to visitors online as your community is at service.

1. Fellowship Dallas

The Fellowship Dallas church website is first on our list and for good reason – they perfectly showcase the “less is more” approach to web design by keeping things clean and simple.

Their use of video, Call to Action buttons (CTA), and immediate display of important information like service times, location, and what to expect make this website one of the best in church web design.

It can be hard to resist adding dozens of design elements like videos, slides, and graphics that, while visually appealing, can quickly turn your website into a mismanaged mess. It’s important that your website uses moderation when it comes to visuals and leaves plenty of white space (also commonly referred to as negative space) between elements.

screenshot of the Bannockburn Church website design

2. Bannockburn Baptist Church

We really enjoy how well the Bannockburn Baptist Church website is designed and how effortlessly it responds to various screen sizes. This is commonly referred to as having a mobile or responsive design and is a mandatory feature in web design.

The relevant information for each location is prominently displayed and with each section on the homepage, visitors are given bite-sized bits of information and content that help them quickly understand who they are, where they are, and why they are the right church for you.

Even better, videos of past sermons are available to be viewed online directly through their website. This kind of feature is something that all church websites should greatly consider in their design. website design screenshot

3. Life.Church

Speaking of video, the Life.Church website takes the online experience to a whole new level.

While they do have several physical locations, it’s clear that their website is all about catering to the online audience. Visitors can watch their service live, past services, view resources, and even request prayers all directly from the website.

Life.Church also utilizes two menus. The first one is for their most important pages which can be seen at the top of their website. Then, they have another hamburger menu located to the upper right that, when opened, displays all of the available website pages.

This is something we rarely see in web design but here, it’s very well done.

4. Southeast Christian Church

Another great example of simplicity and negative space, the Southeast Christian Church sets makes it incredibly easy for their visitors to find what they are looking for, be it news, finding a group, or planning a visit.

Also, they’ve added the ability to join their mailing list or to download their app directly on their homepage. Not many church websites utilize this feature despite how useful it is to stay connected with existing and potential church members.

5. City Life Church

The City Life Church web design was recently updated. Previously, as you would scroll down their homepage you’ll eventually come across 3 sections that, as you continue to scroll, have motion. They unfortunately removed this feature from their website.

However, their redesign is still worth reviewing for church website design inspiration. It’s simple (in a pleasing sort of way) and each section provides information that users would typically expect.

6. New City Church

Recently redesigned, New City Church still checks off all the best practices for church web design boxes with their unique and beautiful header, display of church of information, and links to all the apps/platforms that they are available on.

There is also a cohesiveness to their church logo and web design colors. This is incredibly important to remember when designing your church website. You need to make sure your color scheme is consistent between all elements and assets you own!

To Conclude…

Based on our analysis, when planning your church website design we highly suggest you:

  • implement video features that allow visitors to view services live as well as past services
  • make your church information including address, service times, and phone number easily available
  • give visitors information regarding what to expect during services
  • utilize negative space
  • keep your color scheme cohesive with your church brand
  • use real photos of your church and community
  • link to your social media if applicable
  • make sure your website is mobile responsive
  • use call to action to direct visitors towards your website goals – this can include contacting you, signing up for the newsletter, or coming to your service

By following the examples of these 6 best church web designs you will put yourself on the path to success and visibility when people are searching for churches online.

If you need any help with the web development or design of your church website contact our team here at Website Design Austin Texas. We have over a decade of experience designing custom websites with the latest design trends for our clients.

The key to success online is in the design of your website, contact our church web designers today!

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