Click Here: Using Call To Action To Maximize Conversions

Congratulations! You have a website visitor!

This potential customer is poking around and learning about your company and the goods and services you offer- but how easy have you made it for them to obtain the things they want?

If your website doesn’t have a clear Call to Action (CTA), your site traffic will not often result in conversions.

Picture this:

You visit a store that you pass by every day on your way home from work.

You know that they carry ice cream and you feel an overwhelming compulsion to satiate that sweet tooth right this very moment.

You walk in and are automatically overwhelmed with all the store has to offer, while the ice cream you seek is nowhere to be found.

Rather than continuing to search, you get frustrated and leave- and go to the store that carries inferior ice cream, but by golly, you know it’s there and you know how to get it.

No site should come between you and your ice cream.Call To Action Investment


A Worthy Investment

When you invest money in your company website, you are investing in online real estate that should result in more business. Why else would you do it?

Not only do you hope for a steady flow of website visitors- you want site traffic that results in paying customers.

People are often surprised that throwing up a website isn’t nearly enough these days. If you want to bring in organic traffic through search engine queries related to your business, you have to make sure your Search Engine Optimization is up to snuff.

If you want to stand out further and see quality leads come to you, your digital marketing strategy has to be outstanding.

There are many ways to get interested people to peruse your website- but once they are there, your site needs to help them evolve from window shopper to paying customer.

A solid Return on Investment (ROI) is tied to having clear CTAs on your site.

If you want your website visitor to perform an action, you need to tell them, or they could get lost or bored and move on to the competition.

Buy Now. Subscribe. Click Here. Your CTA should not be passive, and it should not be complicated. It is well documented that developing clear CTAs result in boosted conversions.

Check out this handy infographic for more information on how to create CTAs that will result in more business for your company!


Call To Action Infographic