U.S. Central Command’s Social Networks Hacked

Early this afternoon, the U.S. Central Command suspended its Twitter and YouTube accounts after a group claiming to be “CyberCaliphate” hacked into the CENTCOM accounts. They released a series of threatening tweets stating that they had gained access to classified information and documents and knew, “everything about military wives, children and families,” including home addresses.

The group claiming responsibility for the attack may or may not be affiliated with ISIS.

While the U.S. has said that there is no evidence that classified information hasbeen breached, military employee data, such as physical addresses, is a matter of public record.

Nonetheless, the message is clear: we all need to pay careful attention to what information we DO post online, and take appropriate measures to protect that information. This isn’t a new topic for us. It’s something we talk to our clients about whenever we can.

Stay up with the latest on the CENTCOM hack attack by visiting CNN.


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