The Value & Success of Explainer Videos: How to Make Videos Work For You

Videos remain the cornerstone of online communication, even more so as social networking sites continue to incorporate the technology into their platforms.

Not only are they used by social media to connect people to people, but businesses are successfully using video to build relationships with their online users as well. The effects of a well-produced and implemented video cannot be understated.

Businesses that invest in quality videos that explain their products or services see an increase in conversions and a strengthening in brand loyalty. Your online business stands to benefit from video as well, but only when done correctly.

Here are a few tips and tricks to making sure your using video the right way.


Your video will reflect your company’s professionalism. Using low-quality footage or having the wrong acoustics will make viewers feel as if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A business that doesn’t take the time to present a good image is unlikely to be one that can earn a potential client’s trust or money.

If you’re unsure about what constitutes quality footage, it’s in your best interest to enlist the help of professionals.

Responsive Design

Your explainer video needs to be accessible on mobile devices because that’s where your consumers are.

Not only are users watching more on their handhelds, but it’s also easier for them to share videos when viewing on these platforms. The more shares your video gets, the more business you’re likely to receive!

Timing & Content

Audience attention span is short. If you aren’t able to engage your audience within the first 10 seconds, they’ll move on.

On top of that, a 5-minute video is too long. The trick is to be concise yet effective with your content.

The quicker you can get relevant information across the more success your video will have.


There’s no point in investing in any video if no one can find it. Your online video marketing strategy needs to include using SEO in order to maximize exposure.

This is the crucial piece that can most benefit from the guidance of a professional team who will know which platforms to use in order to get the most views.

This video, from Austin, Texas-based Vintage IT Services,  is a great example of how to use quality video to further your brand, share information, and engage your audience.

Consumers want to buy quality goods and services.

Your business may offer the solution that they need, but unless you can communicate that to them, you’ll be passed over for your competition.

Videos are the most effective way for you to not only explain your company’s output to potential clients but to build brand loyalty and trust.

It’s worth investing in a professional team that can help guide you through the entire process. Knowing that you’re putting out a quality video that will get the maximum amount of views and shares will help drive business and make your company the one to beat!

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