The Twitter – Facebook Rivalry

Facebook Announces Video on Instagram!

You heard it right! Did you know that Instagram has 10 times more users than Twitter’s Vine? Finally, Vine has some direct competition. According to Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom, “Video on Instagram is the same Instagram we all know and love … but it moves.” By offering a beautiful and easy to use platform for recording and sharing video content, this new feature appears to fit right in with Instagram’s mission which is to “capture and share the world’s moments”. You can access this feature on iPhone or Android by downloading the latest version of Instagram.

Pros and Cons

There are numerous benefits to the new video feature, such as 13 new custom filters and Cinema (which automatically stabilizes shaky videos). However, there is one definite drawback. Instagram does not offer out-of-the-box ability to embed a shared video. This could be a lost opportunity to cater to major brand names and just might give those users a reason to choose Vine. What do you think will happen in the social media rivalry between Facebook and Twitter? It will be definitely interesting! Want to learn more? Check out the full article here…