SEO Austin – Using Search Engine Optimization In Your Blog


seo austin blogging search engine optimizationNo time for maintaining a blog? Well try to make time, because using a blog the smarter way you can help move your website’s ranking up in search engines. Google LOVES unique and fresh content.

Website Design Austin Texas are SEO Austin experts and we want to share with you some really great techniques to help you blog more effectively to help improve your website’s ranking in search engines. Google rewards websites with unique and fresh content, particularly if valuable keyword phrases are used with strategic placement. So the idea is to not only use our blogs to inform our visitors, but choosing our words more wisely to make our blogs work harder and smarter for us!

The two most important points to keep in mind when you are writing a blog post:

  • First: you always want to write informative, unique content for your target market.
  • Second: choose the keyword phrases you would like to rank well for in search engines and incorporate them into the blog post.

Our video tutorial below will show you how to integrate valuable keyword phrases into the article effectively to make your blog work harder for you. You can also keep reading below. 😉

Looks look at our first point. What is unique content? Original content from your point of view, not just something copied from another source. If you would like to talk about another sources, you could share the information with your visitor about a product, trend, service, etc.., in your industry or your company, share your opinion on the subject matter and then send them to the resource for more information, but you should never just copy and paste from another site. This practice can cause your site to drop in ranking if Google sees too much duplicated content on your website. In contrast the more original content combined with keyword phrases you have on your site Google will reward you with upward movement in search results.

Now lets explore the second point – What are your keywords and how do you get them into your blog posts?

Keyword phrases are terms your audience is using in search engines for what products and services they are looking for. Sometimes the terms you think people are using are not the most popular ones that are actually being used for searches. To help us with our keywords Google has offered us the Google Keyword Tool.

You can add a list of keyword phrases and Google will tell you the average number of monthly searches for that term and others related to it. The more popular terms that relate to your subject matter have a larger potential to send more traffic to your site. Make sure to check the box on the left for either “Exact” or “Phrase” Match Types. The “Broad” Match Type is, in our opinion, truly too broad to be very effective in searching terms for your site.

Once you have the keywords you incorporate them into the blog by placing them in the title and text of your post. For example, if I wanted to write a blog post on our website about SEO in Austin, I might create content using the phrase “SEO Austin” or “Blogging SEO Austin” at the beginning of my blog post title and also in the body text.