Review businesses on Google+ Local


Want your customers to review you Google Business Listing?
Just send this blog posting to your customers. It will give them simple instructions in how to do it!

We ALL know how valuable it is to have customer reviews and testimonials on your Google+Local listing (by the maps – formally known as Google Places). These changes let you have an expanded presence with much more keyword content, back links to your various pages on your site and you can include posts and videos along with your reviews. For more information on how to merge the two view our tutorial here.

However… now there is a catch in what users are required to do in order to review you. Previously all the user would need to have is a gmail account. Now, they must have a Google+ page and gmail account. Do not fear! We have created a simple video tutorial you can send your customers, giving them simple directions on how to post a review for your business on your Google local business listing.


Review Businesses on Google+ Local

a) Already have a Gmail account? You need to login and create a Google+page. Google+ is simply Google’s version of having a Facebook page. Go to and sign up for an account and the Google+ and gmail account are automatically linked.

b) If you do not have a Gmail account, go to, create an account and it will automatically give you a Gmail account. Once you activate Google+ either way you can now review local businesses.

“We do are very best to inform and educate our clients so they can get the most out of their websites and online marketing plan.”

Michele Schalin, CEO