Marketing to a Younger Audience

We certainly aren’t getting any younger- but our potential clientele sure is! It’s been clear for some time that the tried and true methods of marketing have increasingly failed to get the attention of the kids these days.

Before you blow your budget in all the wrong places, here are a few things that just aren’t working like they used to and that you should consider avoiding if you are trying to get the attention of today’s youth:

Print Advertising

It isn’t dead, but it’s not far from it. Every year it’s proving to be a less effective tool.

Not only are you wasting money- the younger generations tend to be environmentally conscious and they get a negative emotional response when they see wasted resources. Think green.

Radio and Television Spots

Every year there are more and more ad-blocking tools available to the public. Today’s young people don’t want to be bombarded by advertising- they’ll pay to play and choose ad-free options instead.

Intrusive Online Ads

Unlike with print, radio, and television- online is where you’ll find this market. However, no one likes intrusive advertising- yet so many companies pay big money just to annoy people.

There are plenty of clever ways to market online without turning people off. Google will even penalize websites using intrusive interstitials.

Getting Their Attention

If you are looking to market to a younger audience, from Millennials to Generation Z, there are a few things to keep in mind before spending money.

Building Your Brand

If you want younger people to do business with you, you have to invest time, energy, and money into building your brand.

How it’s made videos, personal stories about you and your employees, humanizing posts, and relatable content all inspire engagement and participation. The more ownership they feel they have over your success, the more they will push you towards success.

Be Available Where “They” Are

The other big thing to consider is that you’ll want to make sure you have a presence where your target audience lives.

For younger people, you’re going to have to think outside the box. Social is a good start, but don’t forget about gaming and apps.

YouTube and other video platforms are hugely influential. In fact, 60% of teens stated that their worldview or even their lives, were changed by a YouTuber. The power of video is undeniable.


Check out our Infographic with some details on how to attract a younger audience:

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