How to Set Up Your Business Instagram Account

So you’ve decided to add Instagram to your social media strategy!

Before you can wow your subscribers with gorgeous photos of your work, you’ve got to get your account up and running.

Lucky for you, it’s easy to do.

Step 1: Download The App

You can do this from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, but note that Instagram is geared toward mobile devices. Prepare to do most of your interacting from a phone or tablet.

If you must use a desktop, keep in mind that some features may require plug-ins (and some might not work at all).

Step 2: Sign In

We recommend using your business email address rather than a personal one — this will make it easier to find contacts later on.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a business Facebook page up and ready to go. (If you don’t already have a business Facebook page, check over here for tips on how to create your Facebook page.)

Step 3: Connect Your Business Facebook Page To Your Instagram Account

From your Instagram home page, click the Profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen (it looks like a little person).

Next, click the Settings tab in the upper right corner. This one looks like a gear on iOS and a vertical ellipsis on Android.

Scroll down until you see the option “Switch to business profile”. You’ll click through a few screens of info before arriving at a page labeled, “Connect to Facebook”.

From here, select your business Facebook page and make sure it’s set to public. If you run into trouble, get help here.

Step 4: Input Your Business Information

Complete your setup by filling in any missing information (email address, physical/mailing address, phone number, etc.).

When everything is complete, click “Done” and bask in the glory of your newly created business Instagram account.

And don’t worry, you can easily switch back to your personal account at any time by returning to the profile page.

Step 5: Add Photos To Your Instagram Account

Before you invite contacts to follow you, give them something to look at.

Add a few photos to your gallery. Play around with Instagram’s filters (this is the best part!).

The beauty of Instagram is that you don’t need professional photography skills to make your work look amazing — it’s very user friendly.

While Instagram is intended for photos you take “in the moment”, when you’re first starting out, you can supplement those with photos you already have — just put a new twist on them!

Step 6: Invite & Follow

Once you’ve got a few photos up, it’s time to invite your client base to join you.

Instagram can search your Facebook friends and/or your contacts list to help you with this. It will also suggest accounts for you to follow.

It’s often useful to keep an eye on similar businesses to see what they’re up to.

You might draw some inspiration or find opportunities for collaboration.

To Conclude: 

Getting your Instagram Business Account up and running is a piece of cake. Now what? Be sure to check out Instagram’s free online training courses for all the latest tips and tricks to make your account an effective part of your overall marketing strategy.