…And This Is Why We Stress Password Security

The hackers strike again! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Google report that 2 million+ accounts around the world have been hacked with one of the latest types of malware that copies login information from users. Trustwave, a web security firm, stated that the theft of login usernames and passwords during the past month was due to the use of Pony malware. According to Abby Ross, a spokesperson with Trustwave, “Although these are accounts for online services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google, this is not the result of any weakness in those companies networks. Individual users had the malware installed on their machines and had their passwords stolen.”

Right now, you’re probably wondering how Pony works. Pony not only captures keystrokes during the users’ login to websites, but it also copies passwords that are stored on your computer. At this time, the hackers have not been identified but Trustwave has stated that the hacked login credentials were primarily sent to a server in the Netherlands. You can read the full article here.