Go Local: Making PPC More Effective

Pay per click (PPC) is now a well-established advertising method that drives business right to your door.

An intelligently designed PPC campaign can deliver a boost in sales at a very reasonable price tag, making it well worth the investment.

As technological progress continues to be made, an adaptive strategy will make the most impact. Continuing updates in PPC marketing makes it even easier to pinpoint your audience and increase efficiency.

If you’re looking to improve your Search Engine Marketing strategy, start thinking locally.

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Getting on the Map

There are many places ads are visible with PPC. One of which aims to get your business on the map. Literally.

Your business may be featured at the top of local search results on Google Maps and Google.com when consumers search for businesses near them.

Google’s strategic move to open this avenue to PPC came after the realization that almost a third of all mobile searches are location sensitive.

That number is only projected to increase as more and more people turn to tech for direction.

Target Where Your Audience is

Advertising on Google Maps at the local level offers a fantastic opportunity particularly for small to medium businesses.

Perhaps the greatest of advantages is the increase of value in return for your monetary investment.

Instead of spending beaucoups to pitch your business to the world in the hopes of getting the attention of a convertible fraction, you can now effectively downsize.

With a smaller marketing radius, the cost per click (CPC) is significantly reduced and your budget carries you further. The good news is you can select the radius precisely where your target audience lives.

If PPC was formally out of your budget, it’s time to revisit your possibilities.

Target When Your Audience is Searching

Making your advertisement specific to location cuts out a lot of competition, and it’s not the only way to streamline.

To save even more, you can manage the hours and days your advertisement is being run.

For instance, you may only want your PPC advertisements to be seen during business hours.

Perhaps you want to post an ad for your rose shop after “The Bachelor” airs on television, or you want to market your brunch restaurant Sunday mornings.

With local search ads, you can easily adjust these parameters to suit your needs.

Pay Per Click Ad Accuracy Saves

Since you only pay when your ad is actually clicked, these new methods will significantly reduce unnecessary clicks.

The more time you take to discover the parameters that best fit your typical client, the easier it will be to create a PPC platform that reaches them.

To Conclude:

In short, there are many ways to build a PPC campaign that works for your budget and your business if you invest the time into it.

You may find it easier and more cost-effective to turn to the help of experts to build and maintain your PPC platform. With over half of search done on mobile, the major opportunity advertising with local search ads cannot be denied.

Whether you turn to the professionals or use your own expertise, don’t overlook the benefits PPC has to offer your growing business.

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