Blue Ribbon Veterinary Websites: Top Tips For Making It Purrfect

People’s love and adoration of their pets is well known. Whether it’s fond memories of a beloved childhood pet, or a current love affair full of walks in the park and late night snuggles on the couch, our pets are our family. This means that when people search for veterinarians online, that first impression is going to be the most important. You wouldn’t entrust the health and well being of your fur babies (or feather or scale babies) to just anyone!

There are so many choices out there. If you want to stay ahead of the pack, you need a veterinary website that caters to the needs of pet owners, while inspiring confidence, and exuding warmth and personality. Your clientele need to know that you’re both competent and caring. For maximum benefit, you should consider partnering up with a web design firm that holds pets in high regard and does work that supports compassionate pet care.


Here are some tips to maximize your online pet-tential



Take Me-Owt

Responsive design is a must-have on any best veterinary website checklist. Your clients will want to make appointments on the go. They’ll refer you to their friends and family via their phones. A website that is cumbersome to navigate on a mobile device is a huge turn off and can cost you customers–even well established ones!

Responsive design is an extension of the fabulous customer service every vet wants to provide. Your mobile-friendly website should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and should have important information (such as how to book an appointment, or 24 hour emergency care contacts) in a quickly locatable spot.

An Excellent Op-purr-tunity to Share Your Expertise

Through years of school, training and experience, you and your veterinary staff are experts in providing exemplary care to the critters who come through your door. Use that experience to your benefit. Write blogs to share tips of the trade. Create short videos that demonstrate the best techniques to brush a cat’s teeth or trim your dog’s nails. Post on social media to keep in contact with your clients and to create community with them. Use those blogs and social media interactions to develop your company voice and build your brand.

Live Long and Pawsper

Looking for new business? The best veterinary websites use search engine optimization (SEO) to be seen. Once the search engines know who you are and what you do, you can start making your way up their results pages and increase your visibility with search marketing. For the best results, enlist the support of digital marketing experts who know how to make the magic happen so a steady stream of critter clients continues to come through your doors while you focus on the work of helping them live life at its four-footed fullest.

Keep Your Clients Fur-ever

If you want your furry friends to visit time and time again, you’ll need to develop a relationship with the people on the other side of the pet carrier. Developing long lasting relationships with people requires more than the annual holiday card. You want your site, and your business, to be memorable for the right reasons. With outstanding veterinary website design, you shine online 24/7, even when there’s no one to answer the phone or meet and greet your fuzzy friends.


Ignoring your online persona can go quickly from a batty idea to a cat-astrophe. There are many good veterinary websites out there–it’s time to invest in the best.