Top 5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing desk and computer.It seems these days that EVERYONE you know is using a social media platform (and likely several!) to stay in touch with people and feel connected. Your friends, your family, even your neighbor’s funky left sock has a following!

In order to succeed as a business, you need to ensure you have a presence where it counts. If everyone you know is on social networks, your business needs to be, too. It isn’t good enough to have several accounts across random platforms and post without a clear mission and purpose.

Your company needs a stellar social media marketing strategy to ensure you are not only properly represented online, but also to give you all these amazing benefits.

1. Building Relationships

It’s really challenging to nourish relationships in today’s world with the lack of face-to-face time. How can your business make a lasting impression if most, if not all, of your interactions are handled remotely?

Social media marketing is your chance to build relationships and engage your customers. It’s human to want to feel connected.

By reaching out and giving people a chance to participate with your company, you can develop a true bond.

2. Support Your Brand

How important is building a brand for small businesses? HUGELY important.

When someone hops on social media to talk about a product or service that positively impacted their lives, you want it to be YOUR product or service that they are raving about. You need to stand out from the crowd, especially if your industry is competitive.

For the maximum benefit, you should offer key insights and expertise through the blogs on your site, in order to bolster your branding strategy. Your social media presence supports your branding and helps to further your reach not only for your returning customers, but also for your target audience.

3. Boosting Traffic

If people feel engaged, it is only natural that the result would be an escalation in traffic to your website! Even better- it’s high quality traffic!

These are the people who are truly interested in your company’s goods and services. They are already intrigued and desire to know more, which results in having loyal customers. It’s imperative that your website has excellent content to keep them engaged when they hit your pages.

This is not only the website traffic you want, it’s the website traffic you need to succeed!

4. Increasing Conversion

High quality traffic= increased conversion, period. Unlike straight advertising that is so often blocked or falls on deaf ears, social media engagement does so much of the key work for you to build trust in your business, so that you have people driven to you who already have their interest piqued, whether it is returning customers or curious new people.

5. Boosting Authority

A website’s authority is a powerful ranking metric. Your overall authority gives the individual pages on your site more strength, resulting in higher search engine ranking.

Not only are search engines tapping more and more into utilizing social media engagement as a metric for your site’s authority, but by interacting with the community through social media, you are driving quality traffic to your site and more quality traffic also builds authority! It’s a win-win situation.

To Conclude:

Social network management and strategy is cost effective and has an impressive impact on the success rate for small businesses. You can bet your competition is making their mark through tweets and posts- it’s time to find the social marketing expert to get your business up to speed and enjoy all the benefits of building a following.

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