‘RevSlider’ virus hijacks websites; are you protected?

In mid December 2014, a major security threat to WordPress.com sites as well as sites hosting WordPress was discovered. The malware (or malicious software) called RevSlider continues to insert its code into sites which then attack visitors’ computers.

The security vulnerability stems from a popular WordPress plugin called Slider Revolution. Many times it is bundled with a WordPress theme so some folks may not even know they have it installed on their site. Rest assured, all Website Design Austin Texas clients that are signed up for the CMS Protection Plan are safe. For the clients that had this plugin on their site our team promptly updated to the new version. This is what happened to sites that didn’t take this vulnerability seriously.

Our CMS Security Protection Plan entitles you to automatic upgrades to new versions for the CMS, plugins, modules, themes, etc.. that may develop a vulnerability over time and are a security risk to your site. If one of these client’s websites is hacked causing some of the site’s features to not function properly, our team will fix the problem(s) and get you back in business promptly with no additional costs.

Not a Website Design Austin Texas client yet? Make sure your current developer is abreast of the most current information out there about your WordPress website and its plugins. Unfortunately our industry does not require an official certification or license so anyone can claim to be a professional web development company.

We would love to chat with you about your current site to see how it can be improved, optimized for mobile devices and/or maintained in such a way as to avoid security risks like the RevSlider hack.

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