Negative SEM Back Linking Campaigns Infographic

We have to give credit where it is due. Hackers are creative and very smart! There are a lot of ways they can hurt your site with spamming and negative SEO & SEM. However, the most recent and VERY DAMAGING way is targeting sites with bad spammy backlinking from sites that are selling Pay Day Loans, Viagra, etc…. This can cause your site to TANK in search results! You can fall from page 1 to 20+ overnight!

Wait… it gets worse! If you have a dramatic drop in ranking it means you were penalized and you most likely won’t be able to rank your company domain for at least a year.

Worst Case Scenario?
You’ll have to walk away from your company domain altogether because it will never recover from the penalty!

Negative SEM Campaigns

How do you keep this from happening on your site?
Take your website security VERY SERIOUSLY!

Host with Website Design Austin Texas and we will receive alerts for the excessive activity to your domain. (This is typically a sure sign of a hack.) We can stop emails before the problem becomes unsolvable! Cheaper web hosting companies will NOT alert you of this activity.

Make sure you are protected! With our Security Protection Plan, we install security patches and version updates on your website regularly. Remember, when you don’t protect your site you are leaving the door wide open for hackers to walk right in.