ICE Cyber Crime Center Virus

If you see the message “Your computer has been blocked” from Department of Homeland Security’s ICE Cyber Crime Center, your computer is infected with a virus known as Trojan Reveton. This virus can infect your computer through a variety of methods, such as hacked websites, spam email, or by tricking you into thinking you are installing a piece of software (for example, a bogus update for one of the programs you use).

Once your computer is infected, the ICE Cyber Crime Center virus displays a message that is supposedly from the Department of Homeland Security. This message will say that your computer is locked due to the distribution of pornography, spam or pirated content. You’ll be blocked from using your computer and a lock screen will pop up telling you to pay a $300 fine. The ICE Cyber Crime Center doesn’t monitor your online activities or lock down computers. For additional information, read more here…


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