How do I blog faster?

Efficient blogging, from topic choice through research, writing, images, catchy title, SEO and publishing should take you less than an hour. You may be wondering how you can speed up your blog writing so here are a few tips…

1) Choose a topic that will grab your readers’ attention. When you run across an interesting topic, but don’t have time to write the blog, put that into your blog pool for the next time you write. You’ll find that building up a queue of blog topics will definitely speed up the process.

2) Research for your information and statistics. We aren’t talking about in-depth blogs articles here. The focus is on being able to write quickly when you only have a few minutes to do so.

3) Expound on some of the statistics that are relevant to the direction you want to take your blog. Pick a few salient points to flesh out rather than bogging yourself down in tons of information.

4) Predict and answer some questions that your readers may come up with.

5) Ask a thought provoking question and request feedback.

Once you get that quick blog written, you can go back and edit the phrasing and optimize for SEO. The key is to just write it instead of putting vast amounts of thought into what you are writing; otherwise, you’ll bog yourself down and lose track of time. You will soon find that practice improves your writing ability and, although fast is not always better, sometimes it is necessary to stay on schedule.

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