#Hashtag #Abuser?

Make the #hashtag abuse stop! Hash tags can be a great marketing tool when used properly and have been effectively used on Twitter and Google+ for several years. However, if over used such as we see on Facebook, they can be just plain irritating.


#Hashtag with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake


Hashtag usage that should be avoided…

1) Please! Don’t use them in everything you post! The purpose of a hashtag is to tag your post and add it to a topic so it can be searched. Period. A good number of hashtag posts would be something like 1 out of every 5 posts. Also, don’t overload your posts with hashtags. Maybe just use one or two relevant hashtags in a post. Overuse of hashtags can actually decrease your number of followers so, don’t forget to mix it up…and LESS is definitely more!

2) Don’t hijack someone else’s post with your hashtag. Hashtag hijacking is adding a hashtag that has no relevance to the topic of the post. Actually, this is a form of spamming and it happens quite frequently, especially on news posts about tragedies.

3) Your hashtags need to make SENSE! If you hashtag a nonsense word, such as #zingo, it won’t have anything of value to add to the post and…think about it for a bit…do you really think people are going to search #zingo? No, probably not.

Please take the step toward stopping #hashtag abuse! When you overuse hashtags, or use them inappropriately, you look unprofessional to your followers. Watch the video below for a humorous look at #hashtag #abuse…