Happy Birthday, Google!

Google is 15 years old, today, September 27, 2013! Google has become a giant in the wide world of the Web. So much so that “Google it” is a commonplace term, worldwide, to search for anything on the internet.

Co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were still attending Stanford University when they rented the garage and 3 rooms of a home from Susan Wojcicki. Susan, who needed the money to make mortgage payments, later became a member of the Google dynasty and is now a senior VP.

Google now owns the house on Santa Margarita Avenue and that garage, in the winter of 1998, was just the beginning of what is now a multi-billion dollar corporation which automates our searches and answers all of our questions. Stop and think about it. We all rely so much on Google that, just last month, 40% of the entire world’s internet traffic came to a screeching halt when Google was down that Friday afternoon in August.

So, what did Google do to celebrate this milestone birthday? They held an event, at that old Menlo Park home, and unveiled a huge revamp of the search engine. They’re calling it Hummingbird. This new change is supposed to make search results more useful, especially when asking long questions. Happy Birthday, Google! You’ve come a long way, baby! But, now…can you give us all a little time to catch up?