SEO Austin – Google Places Updates Their Platform to Google+ Interface

website design austin texas google placesFor many folks, the Google Places dashboard has been a frustrating platform to use. Its antiquated reporting features and lack of integration with Google+ Local has driven many to give up on trying to show up on Google Maps.

However just a few days ago, Google announced that “over the coming weeks” it will offer a new dashboard and new functionality in reporting/aesthetics. They also said that updates would be published in as little as 48 hours. Should we be excited? Or should we say “We’ll believe it when we see it?” Either way it will help your local SEO Austin.

The update is still being rolled out, but if you login to your Google Places account there is an option to “upgrade early”. You simply put in your Google Places email address and hit “upgrade”. This is like putting in an application so then Google will approve your early upgrade.

For screenshots and more information about this update, please visit Search Engine Land.

UPDATE: Google Places login has now changed to and the new platform is available for NEW listings only! There are free and paid options. Paid options include Adwords and use of Coupons.