Google Authorship Helps You Stand Out

They’ve started popping up everywhere! Little pictures of people next to the websites you’re searching for in Google. These folks are “authors” of the websites listed and the pictures are truly eye-catching. Google calls these “Author Snippets” and they are easy to install on your site, as long as you have a Google+ profile already setup.

Michele Schalin, owner of Website Design Austin Texas, applied for her Google+ Authorship and in about a week it was approved. HubSpot has an excellent article on how to setup, install and apply for a Google+ Authorship.

In the image below, you can see Michele Schalin’s name, how many people are in her Google+ circles, and a few sentences about the site. In the HubSpot article linked above, it also talks about a “read more from this author” link. This feature has been removed since that article was written.

Michele Schalin Website Design Austin Texas Google+ Authorship