Domain Scams: Don’t Pay Repeatedly For What’s Yours

The Internet has been amazing for businesses in so many ways. The level of global connectivity we’ve achieved, the breadth of products and services we can both offer and have access to, and the sheer speed at which transactions can be made are all stunning advances in the way the world operates now. However, with every great blessing also come new setbacks, and the other side of this bountiful coin is the increased liability of security breaching.

Greater connectivity to customers also carries the risk of greater connectivity to those who would choose to do you and your company harm, for monetary gain, for philosophical ideals or out of sheer malice. It is of the utmost importance that you take reasonable precautions against such threats as these.

Enter- The Rise of Domain Scams


One of the more prevalent issues occurring for businesses at the moment is the proliferation of domain scams. These schemes come in many forms, from emails from “hackers” claiming they will take down your website unless you pay them, effectively ransoming your online business back to you, to actual physical letters from “domain registration companies” informing you that your domain is about to expire and you need to send them money to renew your ownership.

The first step you can take to protect yourself from being hustled is to have a strong security protection plan in place. If your digital assets are sufficiently secured, you can start separating out real risks, increasing the likelihood that anyone contacting you is a swindler instead of an actual threat. The website security professionals at Website Design Austin Texas have a myriad of tools to help keep you and your business safe from viruses, spam, negative SEO and all of the other nasty tactics that can be employed against you from the online shadows.

Another action item is to make sure you have great hosting. Not all hosting companies are alike, in either security measures taken or best practices to ensure an acceptable uptime record. Some overload their servers with as many companies as possible, causing network lag; others fail to restrict access adequately to their physical servers. Here at Josiesque, we provide multiple high-speed connections to a dedicated server, in a restricted access data center with redundant power and Internet connections. We are absolutely committed to keeping your site safe and up and running at all times- and if you receive a suspicious email or letter, you can contact us for support.

With your security plan in place, you can more confidently address these scams as the attempted cattle rustlings they are. Anything you receive through the actual mail is almost certainly fraudulent. Your domain registration company will always contact you digitally about anything having to do with your domain. Also, double check that any emails you receive are from your actual domain registrar; bogus renewals and trademark protection offers seem to be on the rise, and many people fork over cash without realizing the claimant is counterfeit.

It’s easy in this ever-shifting landscape of online business to lose track of what’s real. Don’t let your company get blinded by the lights and commotion of domain scammers; invest in solid protections that help winnow out the true threats to you and your business’ security.


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