Security Protection Plan For CMS Websites

website-securityYou may have already been one of the many millions of Americans effected by overseas hacking via…Target, Home Depot, Gmail, Sony, JP Morgan Chase,eBay, AT&T, etc…. What does this mean to you? It means this threat is not only NOT going away, it’s going to get bigger.

These attacks are not reserved for only bigger companies, they are just more news worthy. These hackers can and will use ANY website for spamming purposes. When this spamming takes place you don’t even know it is happening! The next thing you know the IP address of your company domain becomes black listed by Google, no one can view your website and mail servers around the world will start rejecting your emails, crippling your business!

Read more about the Cyber Attacks on U.S. companies in 2014.

“This list includes only cyber attacks that have been made known to the public. Most companies encounter multiple cyber attacks every day, many unknown to the public and many unknown to the companies themselves.”

A recent vulnerability in the popular revolution image slider effected over 100,000 WordPress websites. Clients that had this image slider and our protection plan had no problems. 🙂

Website Design Austin Texas provides a Security Protection Plan for all CMS websites. We keep your site current with the latest version of your CMS and apply any security patches when needed. If you are still hacked we will fix the damage done to your website promptly at no cost to you. Contact us if you want to enlist in this protection plan.

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