The Importance of Branding: Big Ideas for Smaller Businesses

Think branding is only important for big businesses? Think again.

It’s not just for companies with household names and multi-million dollar budgets. In our increasingly global and competitive world, businesses of all sizes have to stand out — or risk getting lost in the shuffle.

A strong brand increases your company’s value and makes every aspect of your business work better.

Branding for business featured image.

Branding is important for everyone. Here’s why:

People remember your business.

Let’s say you sell jewelry. Six months ago, Jenn purchased a set of earrings from you. She loves them. She gets complimented on them everywhere she goes.

People are always asking where she got them. She’d love to recommend you to her friends and buy something else for herself, but there’s one problem — she can’t remember where she got them.

A strong brand with a memorable logo and online presence would go a long way towards fixing this problem. You’ll not only retain customers better, you’ll reap the rewards when they tell their friends about you.

People trust you.

Your clients need to know that you’re not just a flash in the pan, but an industry professional with the knowledge and experience they’re looking for. Your Internet presence should reflect that professionalism.

You know you’re an expert at what you do, but does your branding confirm it? Think about your signature colors, your logo, the content on your website — does it all go together to create one cohesive message?

If your online persona is currently all over the place, you need to get it together (literally), or prospective clients will click over to your competitors.

Your marketing is better supported.

A strong brand will help drive the rest of your marketing strategy. How do want customers to feel about you?

Are you the trusted friend who is always there for them? The sassy diva who’s not afraid to tell it like it is? The wise guru with all the answers?

Depending on your goals, any one of these personas could suit your needs, but mixing and matching them will leave clients feeling lost. No one wants to turn to their friend for comfort and get a load of sass in return.

Consistency is key when it comes to branding — keep your customers’ needs in mind and give them what they want, again and again. They will keep coming back for more.

Your employees are happier.

We talk a lot about the importance of branding as it relates to your customers, but it’s also highly beneficial for your employees.

A strong brand to stand behind helps boost employee morale and job satisfaction. You want your employees to take pride in what they do so that they represent your company enthusiastically and passionately. In order to do their best work, they need a solid, unwavering idea of who you are and what you stand for.

Branding helps provide that, improving employee performance and productivity.

To conclude:

Successful companies come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one important thing in common- they understand the power of branding.

Don’t just create a cute logo and decide you’re done. Bring your brand into everything you do — your business cards, website, social media presence, everything. Your customers (and your employees) will notice — and you’ll see the results in every interaction.