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Keeping your website secure is more important today than most people realize. The threat of hackers attacking your website is a surprisingly common occurrence – so it should come as no surprise that we have a team specifically dedicated to the protection and security of our clients websites through our Security Protection Plan.

We’ve been rooting out intruders and building safe havens for over a decade. In that time, we’ve learned what it takes to create peace of mind.

Why Would Someone Want To Hack Your Website?

To Spam On Your Behalf

Your customers trust your good name, and hackers are counting on that. A favorite tactic is to send out fraudulent offers using your domain with your seal of approval. Once the bubble bursts, your reputation is in tatters and you’re vulnerable to liability issues.

To Steal Your Resources

Hackers like to do projects at high speeds, and they can use your property as a means. Incomplete site security lets others exploit your weaknesses and enter your website’s server, which is twice as powerful as any single computer, to use it as they please.

To Implement Negative SEO

Once a hacker has access to your website, they are able to send out thousands of messages to low quality, spam driven sites, backlinking to your website. Google penalizes websites connected to spam and you will see your search traffic fall as a result.

To Steal You & Your Visitors Information

It’s child’s play to place trackers on a hacked website. Once in place, they report your customers’ browsing habits, passwords, even personal financial information including credit card numbers.

Our comprehensive website security packages include:

Automated Security & Monitoring

With security and alerts in place our team monitors and responds to any unusual behavior to your website 24/7.

Website & Plugin Updates

You never have to worry if your website and plugins are out of date again. Our team monitors, tests, and implements all your relevant updates and improves your security before the danger ever starts.

Quality Testing

Some updates and security patches are bigger than others. To prevent any downtime we duplicate your website in our own development space to apply and test any necessary updates. Once cleared of any issues we'll apply them to your live website. All of this is seamless and done behind the scenes - you and your website visitors will never notice!

Request a consultation and let’s begin building strength and security. With Josiesque Designs by your side, it’ll be as if hackers never existed.
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