Security Protection Plan

Keeping your website secure is more important today than most people know.

Keep your website and files secure with the Website Security Protection Plan at Josiesque Designs!

Hackers are constantly scanning the Web for vulnerable sites, looking to use their resources. Make sure you’re not one of them. A Security Protection Plan with Austin based Josiesque Designs will keep those invisible monsters at bay.

So here’s some bad news: 2014 was the most costly year in the history of cybercrime, and there’s no doubt the future will bring more of the same. And it’s not all corporate humiliations, government leaks, and massive copyright infringements. Small businesses and ordinary working people suffered billions of dollars in losses.

It’s important to understand how and why the same could happen to you:

xmark SPAM – Your customers trust your good name, and hackers are counting on that. A favorite tactic is to send out fraudulent offers using your domain with your seal of approval. Once the bubble bursts, your reputation is in tatters and you’re vulnerable to liability issues. View more info about how hackers can harm you.

xmark Stolen Computing – Hackers like to do projects at high speeds, and they can use your property as a means. Your website resides inside a server that’s thousands of times more powerful than any single computer. Incomplete site security lets others exploit your weaknesses and enter the server. Once inside, the financial damages and loss of face are yours to bear.

xmark Negative SEO –  Once a hacker has access to your website, they are able to send out thousands of messages to low quality, spam driven sites, backlinking to your website. Google penalizes websites connected to spam and you will see your search rankings fall as a result. It is very difficult to come back from such a hit and this could even kill your domain!

xmark Viruses –  It’s child’s play to place trackers on a hacked website. Once in place, they report your customers’ browsing habits, passwords, credit card numbers….

Running your business while tending to the complexities of web security is simply overreaching. Fortunately, you have a powerful ally in Josiesque Designs. We’ve been rooting out intruders and building safe havens for over a decade. In that time, we’ve learned what it takes to create peace of mind.

Our comprehensive website security packages include:

CheckMarkCustom CMS Architecture- A professionally built website is much easier to secure. We can take your existing content and construct a stable responsive website that is built in WordPress using the best practices.

CheckMarkAutomatic Security Monitoring-  You never have to worry if your protections and patches are out of date again. Our team monitors all your relevant updates and improves your security before the danger ever starts.

CheckMarkImpeccable Quality Testing- We know how frustrating it is to have a buggy website. That’s why we never alter your settings without rigorously testing your site’s plugins and processes.

CheckMarkIronclad Web Hosting- Our dedicated client server is the best in the business. Locked up tight in our state-of-the-art data center, it has all the power, redundancy, and safety you could ever need. It’s also the perfect host for your custom Josiesque Designs site.

Most of all, our CMS Security Protection Plan come with the full attention of our skilled and competent team. We’re real people with real concern for your business, and we’re not the kind to treat you like a case number. Austin’s own Josiesque Designs is built on a simple philosophy- your success is our success. We aim to prove that by keeping your business bulletproof.

Request a consultation and let’s begin building strength and security.
With Josiesque Designs by your side, it’ll be as if hackers never existed.