Westcave Cellars Winery & Brewery has been a happy client of Josiesque Designs since 2016. The support team of D’Ann Hedges and Brandon Kelly have always been speedy, but with the constant changes we experienced during this Covid year, they have worked beyond their contract at times to keep us in business. They responded to requests the same day and helped the website flourish when our business was closed. We also rely on Andrew Echavarria for SEO services. Westcave moved to a new location early in 2020. Andrew worked behind the scenes to find all the sites that needed updating with information and photos. For some reason recently, Westcave was flagged for not being in business and was removed from Google Maps. Andrew worked closely with Google and myself to resolve the issue. He often makes suggestions on how to move us up in the rankings. I am computer illiterate, for the most part. The Josiesque team takes a huge load off my shoulders so that I can focus on selling wine and beer! THANK YOU, JOSIESQUE!!!
WestCave Cellars Winery
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