How to Set Up Your Email on an Android Phone

Follow these steps to set up your email account on an Android phone. 1) Click on the Email App icon.

2) Enter in your email address and password. Then click Next.

3) Next you will select POP or IMAP.

4) You will now set your incoming settings. Make sure your user name is your full email address. The incoming server should be The rest should be pre filled for your phone.

5) Your outgoing settings you will need to enter for your server. You can leave the default port #

6) The next step will be your personal preferences.

Once you click on next your emails should start populating.

Email Support

We are not an IT company. We provide hosting and email services and will provide you with the settings you need to manually put into your PC software and mobile devices (information above). We are happy to try and help with info we have and send tutorials. However, we are not experts on the many different versions of 3rd party email client software or the settings for the large variety of mobile devices.

If there is a situation where you can login to our mail server and send and receive email through an Internet browser, and you have all the correct settings on your system but are still having an issue with your email working, it is probably a local issue (pc, network, router settings) on your end and you may need an IT professional to come to your location and help you. Likewise, you may need to talk with your tech support on your phone service to find out where to configure settings on your phone.

Proper Care and Handling of Emails

You are responsible for proper and safe email behavior. Don’t use PDF attachments to email over 20 people at time. This will target you as a spammer on many mail servers and can result in your domain being blacklisted, preventing ANYONE from receiving your email.

If you have a newsletter you want to send out in a mass email please use a newsletter application like Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Mail Chimp, etc… these applications fly “under the radar” of spamming filters on most mail servers. See more information here. IF you ever get on a blacklist, here is the information you will need.