Choosing a web hosting provider is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your website.

Our web hosting services go above and beyond the traditional services provided by other web hosting companies.

Reliable Servers
Responsive Support
Dedicated Servers For Websites and Email
Routine Maintenance
Scheduled Backups
Free SSL Security Certificates
Integrated With Global Distribution Network
Very few hosts go the extra mile for security, redundancy, and data protection like we do!
  • We maintain multiple high-speed connections to ensure 99.9% network uptime for your website.
  • Your website will be on a dedicated secure server in a locked data center with restricted tech only access to both the physical server as well as the website, database and email.
  • Our data center is provisioned with redundant power and redundant internet connections and providers to avoid single points of failure that bring other servers down.
  • There is onsite tech support 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Backups are run and validated with test/restores on a regular schedule at the data center. In the event of a disaster or server hardware failure, all websites housed there can be restored from backups to another server.
  • We are part of a global distributed information network. What this means to you is that even in the unlikely event of a server failure your static information is distributed globally for security, and you get the added benefit of a faster loading website. Up to 40% faster, in fact.

Fast & Secure Web Hosting

We have the tools and firewalls necessary to protect and prevent against exploits, DDoS attacks, and more on our servers. We also have an alert system in place in the event of any unusual behavior that may be occurring on your website in real-time.

If your website gets exploited due to its own vulnerability and you have our security protection plan we will resolve those issues at no additional cost to you!

We have a variety of web hosting packages to choose from. From small information only sites to full blown eCommerce shopping carts and sites with complex databases.
Your website has a safe and reliable home with Josiesque Designs.