Content Writing

High quality content, delicately ingrained with superior SEO, is necessary for the search engines to understand your value and for your customers to take you seriously.

With hundreds of mysterious ranking factors to consider and juggle, one determinant proves its value time and time again- you can literally write your way to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Ranking Starts With Engaging Content

Google is investing hard in technologies to aid their algorithms in identifying authoritative, well-written and engaging content. Once Google introduced the Hummingbird algorithm, which judges the full context of a search query in order to supply the search user with an informed answer to their question, the emphasis shifted from the overuse of popular keywords to natural language that supports the intelligent use of key terms.

Rankbrain is the next step in perfecting the search engine’s ability to understand the intent of a search user; it’s an artificial intelligence based system that learns as it works, making quality website copy even more important. If the content on your website is found wanting, your site’s ranking will tank, pure and simple.

Keeping up on the latest algorithm changes and writing content can be challenging when you’re also trying to run a business. Investing in quality content pays off automatically- you’ll have provided your website with the best tools to be your winning online persona. Your website is the first interaction (and sometimes the only interaction!) people have directly with your company- you need your content to shine.

Why Work With Josiesque Designs?

We Know What Search Engines Want

The team of copywriters at Josiesque Designs are available to make sure every word on your website is supporting your ranking. The better your content, the higher your authority in the search engine’s eyes- with optimized content, the search engines will want to drive traffic to your website because high quality results impresses their users.

We Understand What Your Visitors Need

The content on your website has to be a combination of helping the search engine determine your value while inspiring confidence and pleasing the human on the other side of the search query. People are looking to resolve a problem they are experiencing and your content should provide solutions to those issues.

We Avoid Common Mistakes

Many people have been surprised that over optimizing their website and pandering to what they think search engines want backfires. You need web writers who understand how to keep your copy balanced. Remember- the goal of your words shouldn’t be tricking people into clicking on your website- it should inspire people to become your customers.

We Build Your Brand

Your product or service is likely fabulous, but there are plenty of other people offering something similar. You need to stand out- your content should be supporting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and it should instill loyalty from your customers. You need people to remember your company as the problem solver so they’ll keep coming back for more and tell their friends.

Writing Content Shouldn’t End With Your Website Pages.

Blogging is a fantastic way to build your credibility with the search engines and your authority in your field. Targeted, fresh content gives the Googlebots more reason to index your pages. For more reasons why blogging boosts your business, please review Why Should I Blog. Product and service descriptions, press releases- every bit of writing should be designed with SEO in mind!

If your online copy is sub-par, you’ve bought yourself a one-way ticket down the SERPs. Why let your content drag you down?