The brewery industry is booming in the United States with upwards of 7,000 active craft breweries that are providing over 150,000 jobs and contributing to a retail value of an estimated $27 billion dollars.

The popularity isn’t new, however. Humans have been brewing beer for thousands of years. The modern era of brewing in the US didn’t even start until as early as 1810. And before beer was mass-produced in the US it was crafted and perfected by small, local breweries in the 1850s.

Nowadays, local brewing companies have become more even more common-place, especially in the more popular US cities. Providing high-quality craft brews to beer advocates has become a competitive industry that will continue to grow in the years to come.

You Need To Take Your Brewery Web Design Seriously

If you’re considering starting your own brewery or have already started that process, you need to keep in mind that your brewery website is just as important as your brand name, logo, and your craft beer.

To help inspire and get those creative fermentation juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for the best brewery web designs and the types of elements you’ll want to incorporate into your own brewery website.

Just interested in what web design elements you need for your brewery website? Scroll to the bottom for the “too long, didn’t read” (TL:DR) conclusion.

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1. Ingenious Beer

This web design makes an instant, splashing impression with an incredibly unique header video. Even more importantly, the video replaced with an image on mobile to ensure that the website loads quickly and efficiently on mobile devices.

What makes this website even more special is the dynamic elements that move as you scroll. Seriously, go to their website and start scrolling. Ingredients, pictures, text, it’s all dynamic. We love implementing this type of feature on our own websites, it really leaves a lasting impression.

2. Oasis Texas Brewing Company

We love the opening photo of Lake Travis in Austin where this brewery is located. Additionally, their website does a great job of not only displaying their products on the homepage but providing more in-depth information upon selection.

The use of video on the home page is great too. 72% of consumers prefer video to text so it’s a good idea to incorporate video into your web design where appropriate.

3. 10 Torr

Simplicity is key here and the 10 Torr website does a great job of this. You can easily navigate and obtain valuable information including address, hours, products, and brewery information all within a well laid out homepage. They are also another great example of video use in web design.

Their use of negative space is also vitally important but often a neglected element in web design. It improves functionality, readability, and the overall pleasing aesthetic of your user experience.

4. 105 West Brewing

105 West Brewing brings a new perspective to brewery web design by having their website menu located on the left-hand side. Additionally, they include their full beer menu right on the homepage. This is a great choice as many visitors are likely interested in what beers are currently available.

5. Six Car Pub Brewery

What’s the first thing you notice when you visit this website? Chances are, it was the bright red Happy Hour banner at the top of the page. This use of color contrast is #5 on our “Web Design Best Practices” article and helps to direct visitors to the important information that you want them to see.

In this case, advertising the Happy Hour special is a great way to engage and encourage visitors to visit your brewery over others that may not have or may not be advertising a Happy Hour special.

Overall, their website has a well structured and pleasing design while effectively using negative space and color.

Conclusion (TL;DR)

When designing your brewery website remember, people are visiting your website for a reason. Make sure you display and give easy access to:

  • Your location
  • Your phone number
  • Your hours
  • Your menu
  • Your social media

Additionally, the best brewery sites:

  • Use videos
  • Use negative space
  • Use color contrast
  • Display beers and beer in-depth beer information

By keeping your website visitors’ needs in mind and incorporating these web design elements you’ll condition your website to turn website visitors into brewery customers.