Personal attention is our #1 priority for our clients,

it’s what sets us apart from the crowd.

We provide our clients with a custom website design – unique to their taste, personality and needs. We have a large team of web and graphic designers, programmers and search engine optimization experts that are assigned to each web development project.

We meet deadlines and we keep you informed every step of the way.

Stage One – FREE Consultation

We will contact you via phone to learn about your business or organization. Our first question: “What do you want to accomplish with your website?” This will help us understand basic design and functionality so we can be sure to provide the most accurate quote. We will also discuss your business objectives, target audience, key terms you want to rank for, customized online marketing plans, timelines for completion and any budget constraints.

Stage Two – Service Agreement

After learning imperative details during the consultation meeting our team will then prepare a formal service agreement. This agreement gives the client a clear understanding of the project scope; basic layout, design, site functions and features, content needed, any special technical functions, timeline and cost for services. Once the Service Agreement is signed by both parties and down payment is made, we will move on to Stage Three.

Stage Three – Website Design

Stage Three consists of a series of questions that we cover over the course of several emails and/or phone calls. Some of these questions include, but are not limited to; what pages do you want on your website (sitemap), login information to your domain, determination of what resources you’ll need (plugins, images, etc) on your website. This Q&A can lead to a mockup in certain cases, but generally that is not necessary.

While in development a cycle of tweaking and approving takes place until both parties are satisfied with the design, features and functionality. THIS is time to make any changes. Any changes beyond this point may and probably will incur additional costs.

In order to keep your project on track to meet the ETA for launch, timely response during this phase of the process is necessary.

Stage Four – Website Development

Once we have received the necessary information from the design checklist, we enter the Website Development stage. At this point our clients will have given us enough information to move forward in the development process while they work on gathering the necessary images/content. Once you have provided us with your images/content, we will add them to the site. This part of the process allows both parties to work at the same time so that there is little delay in your development timeline.

Stage Five – Search Engine Optimization

Our Digital Marketing team will establish the on site search engine optimization (SEO) to give your website the necessary foundation that search engines need to find your website using the key terms discussed in Stage One. They will add all the necessary meta data; title, description, alt tags, URLs, etc., for optimal on site SEO.

NOTE: On site SEO is essential for a strong foundation and is imperative for any digital marketing strategy. However most websites require a Search Engine Optimization campaign to compete in its industry for higher ranking in search results.

Stage Six – Review, Test & Launch

In Stage Six, both parties do a final review of the website on both mobile and desktop devices to make sure that all visual and functional features are performing as they should. Final requested changes are made (within the project scope) and once Josiesque Designs receives the approval from you we schedule a firm launch date and take the new website live. Please note: once you have approved the site and we launch it, any changes to design, structure or functionality would be additional programming and may incur an additional cost.

Stage Seven – Post Launch

After the launch of your website several things happen. If you are taking advantage of our Maintenance Plan you can send any updates to our maintenance staff and we will take care of your requests within 48-72 business hours. If you are not on our Maintenance Plan, we will send you a video tutorial of how to update the website yourself.

Security is important for your new website. If you host with Josiesque Designs you can take advantage of our Security Protection Plan, if you don’t, you will have to do your website security yourself or hire someone to do it. We strongly recommend that you do not update your website plugins and core files yourself as sometimes there are incompatibilities between the new and old coding. If you use our Security Protection Plan we will monitor, report and implement all ongoing security updates, patches, and version updates for websites on our host server. If your website is hacked into, this service covers any necessary repairs to your website at no additional cost.