By now you’ve undoubtedly heard of WordPress, the popular and most widely used content management system or “web builder” online today.

With its easy to use interface and free to use price tag its often a no-brainer when considering what CMS platform to use for your nonprofit web design.

But even with all the bells and whistles that the WordPress platform has to offer we can tell you from first-hand experience talking with our clients that it’s not actually as easy as it seems.

In order to provide the design and functionality that nonprofits websites need to succeed online we’ve specialized our team at Josiesque Designs to handle nonprofit web design projects in WordPress.

Each nonprofit website we design is completely custom, customizable, and optimized to today’s current search engine guideline standards – let us help you achieve the support and trust your organization needs to succeed well into the future.

We Optimize For Mobile Devices

Built to Rank

What it means:

The majority of browsing on the web is done on mobile devices.

As such, it is incredibly important to make sure your website translates from desktop to mobile seamlessly.

That means having an expertly designed layout, larger fonts, and keeping your content and navigation uncluttered.

Why it’s important:

Making sure that your site is optimized for mobile devices will make for a better browsing experience.

A nice, clean and inviting site is going to appeal to more people and stand out in a sea of websites.

This will keep people engaged and more likely to support your site.

We Optimize For Search Engines

Worker with Megaphone

What it means:

With search engine optimization you allow search engines to easily locate your website, understand who you are, what it is that you do or provide, and include your website in their index to be found by searchers.

Why it’s important:

With so many websites out there today more and more businesses are realizing how important search engine optimization is to their website.

Having the right optimizations on your website will set you up to receive as much traffic as possible.

The opposite can also happen if your SEO is done improperly or not at all, burying you in the search results.

We Optimize For SPEED

Search Conversions

What it means:

Our nonprofit websites are built to be quick to load and seamless to navigate between pages.

Why it’s important:

If your website is slow to load on any device the chances of a visitor to wait until it’s finished is slim to none.

Keeping your site fast is incredibly important to keep people engaged and active on your website.

If your site takes forever to load you’re setting yourself up to lose traffic and potential donors.

We Build for YOU

What it means:

Our clients needs come first.

What are your goals for visitors? Do you have a design in mind already?

Our team brings 5 star customer service and quality design to every project we manage.

Why it’s important:

We are a local business that helps other local businesses achieve their goals online.

When you work with us you’ll have your own personal project manager who will oversee the production of your website and will always be an email or phone call away.

No hassles, worries, or miscommunication – we’re here every step of the way!