If ever there was an industry fueled by developing and maintaining personal relationships and intrinsically tied to personality, it’s real estate. People value competency, of course, but with so many people in the real estate game, it’s incredibly important to find ways to stand out, both in person and online. Think of your website as the way you present yourself to your clients, but 24/7. You would never take your clients to see a property in a dirty car and you certainly wouldn’t show up to a closing in your pajamas. Your online persona needs to be in tiptop shape!

What Makes A Great Realtor Website?

Many of the key elements for a successful online presence are true for all websites. Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs to be in excellent order- the industry is fueled by leads and no one will find you and your services unless you are easily found in searches. The website should be well designed. Navigation should be streamlined and easy to use. Loading times should be impressive to please eager buyers and sellers. Responsive design is especially important for clients on the go, looking at properties. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your clients will think you don’t care. Without these basics, you’ll have a hard time making a dent in the industry.

If you really want to stand out, you need to step it up with excellent branding throughout.

Site visitors should be impressed with the layout and the personality on the pages. You can use your content to set you apart.

Not only does this help with your SEO efforts, but it’ll please your website visitors as well and turn leads into contracts.

A Cut Above The Competition

Not only do you want to attract new faces, but also you want to keep the interest of previous clients who often will recommend your services to their friends and family. Ask happy new homeowners or sellers to write you reviews for your testimonials page, so you can showcase your great work. Regularly blogging will help you stay in touch with people you’ve worked with. Make it interesting; offer suggestions on home improvements, tips to improve curb appeal and the like. Blogging is also a great tool to improve your online visibility and improve your website’s authority, which is crucial to make your way up the search engine result pages. Post your new blogs to your social media account to really make your mark. By maintaining a stellar social media presence, you can keep up your personal relationships with old and new clients so they will remember you the next time they are looking to buy or sell.

Dominate Online or Bust

As the Pew Research Center has found, 73% of Americans report being online daily. They aren’t going to thumb through the Yellow Pages looking for a Realtor and you can’t expect them to tell the difference between one real estate agent to the next in a never ending sea of Realtors- they will post on social media or text a friend looking for recommendations. You need to be where your clients are looking for you and your site needs to be memorable and fabulous in order to be competitive.

Here are 7 realtor website elements you need to succeed on the Internet: