2017 saw a lot of changes in the world of digital marketing.

There were some big changes in organic search, storytelling has continued to be all the rage and social continues to prove its worth by providing an irresistible way to reach and engage clients and potential clientele.

According to the current trajectory, these are the most important things to consider if you want your company to do well in 2018:

User Experience and Your Website

For a few years there it seemed that everyone was investing in a flashier website. Pop ups. Autoplay video. So much sound.

Website Usability

Unfortunately, the more that people added to their sites, the more their sites were cumbersome, slow to load and terrible to navigate. Bombarding your site visitors with a cacophony of sights and sound is one way to ensure a high bounce rate!

Building an elegant, fast loading, easy to use website is incredibly important.

The search engines, wanting to please their users, have made it clear that websites need to prove their value- a high bounce rate will tell the algorithm that people are turned off by what they see on your site.

If you want to win the search wars, embrace having a quality website over gimmicks.

Responsive Websites Take The Lead

The other key component to keeping your website competitive and easy to rank is ensuring you have invested in a mobile-friendly website.

Google is expected to complete the roll out process for mobile first indexing early in 2018. This means that websites that were only built for desktop viewing, or websites that respond poorly on smaller screens (smart phones and tablets, for example) will rank lower than websites that are responsive, no matter what device search users are searching from.

Considering the majority of searches are performed on mobile devices over desktop computers these days, the writing was on the wall for desktop only sites ages ago. The future is mobile.

Never Be Content With Your Content

Once you have a well-designed site, you need to ensure that the content on your site is excellent- not just for the purposes of search engine optimization, but for the user experience as well.

Website Content

The importance of superior online copy will only grow in 2018, as machine learning algorithm tools such as Google’s RankBrain continue to work their magic. The search engines are interested in providing the best possible results to their users, so they rank websites that prove their worth higher than the competition.

You need to ensure you are providing value to site visitors- both your static content and your blogs will make a huge difference.

Search Found Its Voice

Voice search has traditionally been used by younger people, as well as people who are mobile.

Thanks to advancements in the technology and the popularity of “connected” homes, more and more people are utilizing this tool at home, opting to give Google Home and Amazon’s Echo a query over typing it in on a keyboard.

There’s been a lot of speculation as to the best way to optimize for voice search and unsurprisingly, as voice search is inherently more conversational, quality site content is the key here as well.

Staying Successful with Social

The opportunities for building your brand, connecting with your target audience, and making a positive impact on your digital marketing efforts are just a few of the reasons maintaining a solid social presence is incredibly important.

social media iconsManaging social is much more than posting occasionally on various platforms. Social media marketing management and strategy requires an excellent understanding of how to maximize conversions while engaging your followers. Your social platforms also have the ability to rank on search engine results, providing you with more opportunities to increase your visibility.

There is no doubt that social will continue to dominate for years to come.

Digital Marketing for 2018

Every twist and turn on the Internet highway presents unique challenges to overcome, new lessons to learn, old habits to leave in the dust and fresh opportunities just waiting to be seized. With a great responsive website with killer content to please your site visitors and appease the search engines, you can start 2018 set up for success.