hacking, backlinking, hackersAlmost every time you turn on the television or scroll through your news feed, you are greeted with a story about another website hacked, another security breach exposed, and another software vulnerability threatening tens of thousands of users. It is scary and it is overwhelming, but you aren’t worried about your personal website because who’s interested in messing with your business? You aren’t a government entity, or a multimillion dollar corporation- you are just one of the regular folk, running your small business. Who would want to mess with your website?

Shockingly, the answer is: ALL HACKERS.

The Bullies Of The Internet

Look at it this way- the Internet is your middle school and the hackers are class bullies. They will take every opportunity to drag your good name in the mud, most of the time for profit and sometimes just for fun. They will use you, and your online business identity to further their own goals. They can do this by tacking onto to your website; if they hack in, they can send out thousands of requests a day to nefarious websites around the web requesting backlinks. Similar to a bully using your good name in their dealings, your identity will become tarnished by their spammy websites. It’s like a middle school rumor mill. Once your name is linked to these miscreants, Google will step in (like any Principle would) without knowing the full story and without the time or resources to figure it out. They’ll see you are associated in this trouble-making crowd and you will all be suspended. Google does not have the time to pick through particulars- they will take a situation at face value and punish degenerate websites by lowering their SERP ratings. Worst of all, you may have no idea your website has been hacked- the more time passes, the more backlinks are created, the more your website (and good reputation) is drug down in the mud. ALL without your knowledge!

So What Can You Do?

Unfortunately, once the damage has been done, it is very difficult to make a comeback. Even if you find your website has been compromised and halt the messages requesting backlinks, you still have thousands of spammy backlinks associated to your site; just like real life rumors, once they are out there, it will take time and work to squash them, but the negative impact may forever linger, making you have to walk away from your domain!

The key of course is to guard against this attack in the first place. By keeping on top of your website security and monitoring the activity associated with your website, you can help prevent an attack in the first place- and nip it in the bud if something does happen, despite your vigilance. There is a lot of advice and tools out there to help you build a solid defense strategy, but all this constant updating and monitoring can be costly and time consuming. Luckily for you, Josiesque Designs is proud to offer our Security Protection Plan that takes all the grunt work out of defending your reputation. We have a team of highly skilled programmers who will ensure all the latest patches and updates are safe guarding your interests. You can get back to work, knowing that your online identity is in the best hands.

What happens if, despite all our efforts, a hacker finds a way in? If you are using our Website Hosting services, we’ll be able to see the unwanted activity and silence those nasty rumors before they get too far. Your success is our success and we will loyally and skillfully defend your online reputation. No one should have to face these bullies alone and you don’t have to- contact us today so we can give you the support and backup you deserve.