Every industry has design trends that change over time and website design and development has gone through some dramatic changes in the last couple of years. If you have an older site it would be wise to consider some effective design trends to have success in converting visitors into customers! We provide website design in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas and can help you with a well designed site current with the latest trends. You can view our portfolio here: website design Austin.

The main objective of every website is to have your visitors take action; interact with the website and ultimately contact you about your products and/or services. This action could be filling in a contact form, signing up for a newsletter, watching a video, downloading a document, etc… Any feature on your website that would encourage a visitor to interact with the site is called a “Call to Action”. A Call to Action gives you an opportunity to engage the visitor so they stay on your site longer and motivate them to contact you. View our custom video tutorial below to learn more.