The Web Has Come A Long Way, Baby!

The world wide web…the internet…w3…the web. It goes by several names but, what it comes down to is it is a direct link to the outside world…news, shopping, communicating with friends and family and even playing games. Do you remember “the old days” when there was only the dreaded dial-up modem and a sluggish internet connection? Did you know that the internet has only been around for a little over 20 years? There have been a multitude of changes to the world wide web over the past two decades. Now, we are always “connected”, even through our cell phones. Anything you want to know is just a button click away.

The very first website had to be simple in order to be accessed by the dial-up internet connections. Today, Austin has become the new Silicon Valley and website design has become the key to getting your business noticed by potential customers. If you have not taken advantage of the website design opportunities available in Austin, you are missing out on a crucial tool to advertise your business. Call Josiesque Designs for all of your website design needs in Austin.

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