Ever happen to you? You just created the PERFECT Facebook post! Then you see the glaring typo. What do you do? Rewrite the entire post? Leave the typo? Facebook has finally given users the ability to edit a post after it has been published. Before now, the only thing you could do was delete your post (and lose all of the activity that was generated by said post) or leave the irritating typo there.

Now that this editing ability has been granted, you need to know how easy it is to do. There’s a little down arrow in the upper right corner of each post. Just click this arrow and choose “Edit Post”, then change your text. When you are finished, choose “Done Editing”. The original post can still be viewed by clicking on the edit history

Facebook began allowing limited editing abilities in June 2012 and, as they apparently had relatively few issues, now everyone has the option. It’s possible that this change is an effort to bring in more content in the News Feed rather than lose posts when typos are deleted. Regardless of the reason, we like it!