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Turn Searchers Into Customers!

Your website reflects who you are as a business.  You can’t afford not to put your best foot forward on the web.  Within 10 seconds a potential customer will decide to stay on your site long enough to learn about you and what you offer.  Our web designers and coders have logged hundreds and hundreds of hours focusing on creating high converting sites. 

Why Is A Josiesque Designs Website
Perfect For You?

Unmatched Creativity

As the saying goes, if you’ve seen one website you’ve seen them all.  Our philosophy is exactly the opposite.  You will be paired up with a dedicated website artist to make sure the look & feel pop without distracting from easy to read content.

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Advantages Of A Unique, Creative Website

Stand out from your competitors

Longer engagement on your site

Higher referral rate from impressed customers

Increased sales

Optimized for search engines

Responsive Design

67% of people say they are more likely to make a purchase from a responsive website.  If you don’t have one, the company down the street most certainly does.

A responsive website is fluid across all computers, tablets and mobile devices.  On the back end, the programming detects the viewer’s screen size and device.  The images, graphics and text are automatically proportioned so the viewer has the best experience possible.

Advantages Of Having A Responsive Website

Customers who find you on a tablet or mobile device will have a better experience.

Google penalizes non responsive Websites in their search ranking factors

More than 60% of searches are being performed on tablets or mobile devices.

Optimized To Rank On Search Engines

If you have a great website, but no potential customers see it, does it exist?  We want to make sure you get the most eyeballs to your site, because we know that will turn into more business for you. Every one of our websites are optimized for search engines – at no extra cost!

Advantages Of An Optimized Site

It is an essential component in an overall digital marketing strategy, specifically SEM.

Search Engines are more likely to rank optimized sites higher over ones that are not.

An optimized site will be more visually appealing and intuitive.

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