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It cannot be stressed enough- SEO content is one of the most important factors in ranking. It’s imperative to ensure the words on your website are designed to impress search engines and site visitors alike. By regularly adding new, targeted content to your website, blogging is an excellent tool for your digital marketing strategy.

Why is blogging so effective?

Increase Authority to Boost Ranking

Your reputation and authority increases with each well-penned post. Every new page of content you add is an invitation to the search engine’s to scroll and index your site. Every time your posts are shared, Google knows your input is appreciated. A website with high authority is the website the search engines want to suggest to their users.

Establish Relationships

Making a personal connection with prospective customers and current clients is challenging today. Most of your initial interactions with people occur on the Internet- your company’s online persona needs to be well developed to inspire loyalty.

Blogging to increase search engine visibility

Build Your Brand

Blogging provides you with an opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand to newcomers as well as engage recurring clients. When recommending a product or service, they should be suggesting YOUR product or service.

It’s important to blog at least twice a month. Web copy can make or break a website.

With the introduction of Hummingbird, which focuses on the context of user’s queries as well as Rankbrain, the machine learning addition to Google’s algorithm that understands user’s intent, great content is fast becoming a site’s most valuable asset. High quality, natural language is rated higher than the keyword stuffed blurbs of yore. As semantic search improves, websites need to keep up by providing informed answers to search users queries. Blogs provide a unique opportunity to constantly create different pages that specifically address the unique problems site visitors are looking to address. Search engines, wanting to provide the best possible user experience to their users, recognize well written blog content and raise the ranking of pages and websites that they deem to have authority. The list of benefits goes on and on- for more details, see Why Should I Blog?

It’s the most cost effective and rewarding way to achieve higher ranking, but it needs to be managed properly. A blog in inexperienced hands can trigger unwanted attention from search engines.

Avoid making these common blogging mistakes:

xmarkOver optimization

xmarkPoor text to image ratio

xmarkToo much or too little text

xmarkOver or under use of keywords

xmarkLow quality pieces

xmarkIneffective writing technique

You need to have a strategy to ensure your content marketing plan is building your reputation and not taking you down. It’s important to blog twice a month, spend the time to properly format the blog to your website and promote it. If your blog comes across as spam heavy or low quality, it won’t help your website (it could even harm it!) and will turn off your customers.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t blogging, you are just giving your competition a chance to whiz past you on the search engine results pages.

What can you do?

You can call in the trusted team of content composers at Josiesque Designs. We know how to craft your words to make the search engines sing and give every piece the personal touch your clients long for. Our winning copy is produced keeping the future of search in mind- we focus on high quality writing so that each piece will stand the test of time. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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