Search Engine Marketing

Showing up on the 1st page in web searches is no longer a luxury,

it is critical to your success!

90% of customers find their new products and services online.

More than 50% of them find them on mobile devices, like smart phones.

For those of you who aren’t showing up on page 1 and aren’t satisfied with the traffic trickling in from your current ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs), there are various strategies to get you to the top and keep you there.

Your website should fulfill much of the sales process, filling your inbox and making your phone ring. If this isn’t happening for you then the search engine marketing experts at Josiesque Designs can build a custom online marketing campaign designed to not only increase clicks, but ultimately give you the highest quality traffic.

What It Takes To Succeed Online

In today’s competitive online market, again that is 90% of people looking for new goods and services online, you have to do everything right to succeed. You need a well thought out and well-built website with authoritative content that shows you are an expert in your field, but you need so much more to succeed. Your great content must be structured to meet Google algorithm guidelines, emphasizing the key terms you want to be found for online.

Remember when writing content for a website you are writing for two audiences; your target market and the search engines bots. On site SEO consists of much more than just managing content. You must also manage all the meta data, alt and geo tag information in the back-end of the site. As always, these will change periodically as Google changes it’s meta data requirements.

So now you have superior website design, great content and well managed meta data, but is your design responsive for mobile devices?

It better be if you want to succeed!

Per Google in April 2015, all responsive websites will be given ranking priority over non responsive websites on smart phones and in all mobile searches. Since more than 60% of all daily searches are done on mobile devices, no one can afford to lose that amount of traffic and still succeed. In today’s market you must have a mobile responsive website.

Google search on a mobile device

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Marketing For the 21st Century

As recently as five years ago getting attention involved mailed advertisement, radio spots, TV ads, the yellow pages, etc…. None of those things are nearly as effective as they once were, and truly, they’ve become a nuisance to many. It’s time to move those marketing dollars to where they’ll have the most impact! Just any traffic isn’t enough – you want quality site traffic that will result in the highest conversion rates. You want to attract paying customers. 9 out of 10 of your customers are already waiting for you online!

Creating Unique Marketing Strategies To Maximize Results

Cookie cutter plans with one program for all customers just don’t get the job done. To ensure the best possible results, the search engine marketing experts of Josiesque Designs will develop a unique SEM Campaign for you.  We will first evaluate and analyze your industry, your competition, and your website. Our analytics tools provide data regarding keywords, bounce rates, where your traffic comes from, areas to improve performance and other key statistics. The continued use of analytics as your campaign unfolds aids our staff in evolving your digital marketing plan to meet the always changing search engine requirements for success. And of course, you will be kept in the loop as we monitor and report your campaign’s progress.

In developing your custom SEM Campaign we bring all the puzzle pieces together to form the total picture. We use well-chosen key terms and provide in-house quality content writing services; every aspect of the campaign is individually tailored to best suit your industry and your company’s goals. If ranking locally is high on your agenda, we’ve got you covered! Josiesque Designs is known as one of the best local search engine marketing companies in Austin and specializes in local digital marketing – not just in Texas, but anywhere in the world!

Build To Rank - Play To Win - Reap the Rewards!

The search engine marketing experts at Josiesque Designs look forward to partnering with you.

Contact us today for a free consultation!

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