Online Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a POWERFUL tool to drive traffic!

High quality video is an excellent way to enhance your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign. The Austin based SEM experts at Josiesque Designs can make sure your videos are properly optimized for maximum search engine visibility and distributed for the best exposure. Google includes embedded video on the search engine results pages, and click through is increased when video is present. Don’t miss this affordable and very effective opportunity to promote your company online!

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive by including videos in your online marketing plan:

CheckMarkBoosts Your Ranking

CheckMarkBuilds Authority with Search Engines

CheckMarkEnhances Quality Backlink Opportunities

CheckMarkAdvances Your Brand

CheckMarkIncreases Authority with Customers

CheckMarkEngages Your Audience

CheckMarkAmplifies Your Conversion Rates

Our modern world often prevents us from reaching our customers on a personal level. Video is a fantastic way to connect with your target audience and inspire customer loyalty. Even better, when you have video on your site, the conversion rate is much higher- videos turn website visitors into paying customers. The process has become very affordable, especially considering the long-term benefits, making videos an easy way to reach out and get that face-to-face time so desperately needed.

Producing Quality Videos

Before you get started, consider this; if your only options are producing a low quality video or no video, choose no video. Although there are many, many benefits to including video in your digital marketing strategy, you don’t want your customers to lose confidence in your business because of a poorly produced piece.

When choosing a video production company, keep in mind that you want your videos to have a professional quality- like your website, you want your videos to properly reflect your business, while inspiring confidence in your products and services. We do not provide video production services but can guide you through the process all the while supporting your campaign by utilizing the videos that you make by optimizing them with superior SEO, increasing visibility and driving traffic to your site.

Think about the type of video you want to make before you start shooting. Will it inform the viewer about your products or services?  Do you want to shoot a short commercial? Build your brand? Generate leads and increase sales? Entertain your customers? An effective video can be under a minute long and can be used to mutually support your blogging efforts- both of these efforts help to bolster your authority in your industry. View SEO Austin- Videos & Your Blog to see how video can be optimized and cross support your blog. “How to” tips and FAQ “question and answer” clips make great 30-60 second long videos, which highlight your local industry expertise.

Maximize Your Videos Exposure

Once you have created the video, the SEM Austin specialists of Josiesque Designs can manage the clip for maximum exposure to help increase traffic to your website. Our team will set up a YouTube channel for your company and enable all the functions like reviews, comments, ratings and feedback, to help you manage and grow your audience and engagement with your visitors. Keywords and terms must be weaved into the title and description of the piece- search engines can’t “see” videos and need to be told how to categorize it. Including an SEO streamlined transcript will help tremendously. We will manage the distribution of the clip for the best coverage- as it’s watched and shared, beneficial backlinks are created which of course also boosts authority. Organizing, managing, distributing…this is a lot of work!

Let us take this off your plate so you can get back what you do best- running your amazing business.

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