On-Site SEO

If the search engines can’t find you, how will your future clientele?

Highlighting SEO - search engine optimization for your website.With the plethora of choices floating around out there on the Internet, it’s becoming more and more challenging to be (and remain) competitive- especially in a hot market like Austin’s. On-site SEO is the tool your website needs to get a foot in the door. Without it, search engines don’t know who you are and what you’re about and therefore, won’t bother giving you a favorable ranking or much less much traffic. The search engine optimization (SEO) experts at Josiesque Designs will weave all the appropriate on-site SEO throughout the very fabric of your website so you’ll be visible to the search engines and available to your customers.

We build your site to rank in the search engines!

Search engines are very similar to old-fashioned switchboard operators- someone dials in and tells the operator what they need and the operator connects them to the person that will best fill that need. If they don’t know what need you fill, they can’t connect you to incoming calls. You’re invisible, and those calls will go straight to the competition. You need to help them help you by providing valuable information, enlightening them to your presence and value. If you feed them the right info, your phone will start ringing. If you give them the wrong kind of information and they realize they are sending the wrong calls, they can drop you. It’s imperative to have on-site SEO and to do it the right way. The Josiesque Designs Team knows what information to give to the search engines, according to their guidelines, for the maximum benefit of our customers. There’s no guesswork and no nasty consequences, like Google penalizing your website for keyword stuffing!

First, it’s important to determine valuable keywords for your business, your industry and your goals. We research and evaluate the best words and key terms to help the search engines identify you while bringing the type of clients you want to serve to your doorstep.

Those keywords are then incorporated throughout the website, according to search engine protocol:

CheckMarkMeta Titles


CheckMarkOptimized URLs

CheckMarkMeta Description

CheckMarkKeyword Infused Content

CheckMarkAlt Tags & Geo Tagging

It’s also important to analyze your website for other triggers that would hurt your ranking and lower your traffic. The user experience is high on the search engine’s priority list- they want their users to be more than satisfied with the results they provided, so their users will remain loyal. If your website is hard to navigate, full of redirects, spammy elements, broken links, and low quality content, the search engines will choose to recommend your competition. Further, your current customers will be dissatisfied with their experience. A website in poor order is bad customer service. It’s vitally important to make sure your website properly represents you- and we can help you with all this, too!

Let Austin’s SEO specialists take this great task off your plate.

With years of experience, we know exactly what the search engines are looking for. In addition, our company offers many other services, like our SEM campaign, designed to boost your ranking on the search engine results pages and bring in quality traffic that results in paying customers- not just tourists. Tell us your goals and we’ll devise a strategy to get you where you want to be.

Your success is important to us. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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