Monitoring & Reporting

With the amount of great information out there, it would be silly to launch a search engine marketing (SEM) plan without first analyzing all the available website, search, and industry data. But what a task! When you partner with Austin, Texas based SEM experts Josiesque Designs, you can rest assured that the monumental amount of data will be collected, analyzed and transformed into a more manageable and useful report for our clients.

Data Driven Strategies

Using analytics tools, our data specialists can learn some incredible things about your website’s traffic and use that to build a plan to increase your ranking, improve your online business presence and attract quality traffic that results in customers over tourists. Our SEM campaign starts with evaluating your positioning and other relevant data of your website’s current activity and is instrumental as the campaign unfolds.

In what ways are people searching in your industry? Are people using their desktop, or do they prefer searching on their mobile device. What are people looking for? What are common keywords being used and which of those keywords help to signal quality traffic? Are most of your clients local or do you command a more global presence? Our search engine marketing specialists dissect the data to create a strategy that will escalate quality traffic to your website. You don’t want window shoppers- you want your website to help bring you your future clientele.

As the campaign progresses, you will receive monthly reports of the activity we’ve monitored, the status of how the campaign is running, and things to expect. Each SEM campaign is uniquely tailored to our individual clients and their industries, so the information being reported may differ from client to client, but usually include a combination of the following:

CheckMarkSource of traffic

CheckMarkKeyword rankings

CheckMarkKeyword search volumes

CheckMarkListing submissions

CheckMarkNew business citations

CheckMarkLocal data

CheckMarkTypes of traffic

CheckMarkNew blog submissions

CheckMarkTips to increase visibility

CheckMarkStatus of the campaign

CheckMarkNext steps

Monitoring & Reporting Data

We want you to understand the progress of the campaign without having to waste time sifting through superfluous data to get to the important information. We understand you don’t have time to run your business and run an intensive marketing campaign. Our reports will give you a clear understanding of the process from the very start.

Whether you are looking to rank in Austin or elsewhere, the SEM strategists of Josiesque Designs will keep your campaign running smoothly while ensuring you are informed every step of the way. You can trust that your campaign is in the best hands.

Contact us to learn more about search engine marketing strategies and we’ll give you the run down of what we can do for you.
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