Website Maintenance

Launching a beautiful, well structured, user friendly website is just the beginning.

As with every other aspect of a successful business, it needs attention often and sometimes it’s more often than you’d expect. You can’t just throw a site out onto the Internet and expect it to do well on it’s own, and only check in when there are issues or something’s broken. You need to update your site with fresh content, change out images, add blog posts- you need to give your site visitors reasons to keep coming back and be engaged. The Austin web design professionals at Josiesque Designs can help you with all these things and more through our website maintenance agreement.

What does our website maintenance cover?

Adding New
Blog Posts

Edits To
Existing Content

If you sign up for our quarterly maintenance service, which is offered at a discount, you will automatically have priority over our customers who have not signed the agreement.

Changes to your website that don’t require a developer are covered in our website maintenance plan. Maybe you’ve written an amazing blog post and want to get it up, but you aren’t sure of the best way of doing so. Your business has grown and you’ve written some new content for the About Page that you need swapped out. The company you run just had a large conference and you want to share the details and photos on your website. You want to embed a YouTube video, add a Twitter icon, change your contact information, etc. There are so many little things!  Through our site maintenance service, we will put client provided content and images up on your site. If you need assistance with quality web copy, we offer a superior SEO content and blog writing service.

How Soon Will My Update Request Be Completed?

Most updates can be posted 24-72 hours from the time of the request, Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm and often even sooner. Larger maintenance requests may take longer. We also offer Maintenance on Demand for a higher hourly rate. However, our quarterly maintenance clients will always have priority.

We can help with our Website Maintenance Plan

If you want to make changes on your own and we’ve built your fabulous new website, we can help show you how to maintain it. We provide an online video tutorial to show you how to make changes. However, it often happens that people try to make a little change and find that they’ve disturbed something unintentionally- and the page or site is broken. Contact us immediately- we can go in and fix your website but please note that our programmers will need to diagnose and correct any errors to restore totally functionality to the site which will incur additional cost for you.

What Our Website Maintenance Does Not Cover.

The website maintenance agreement does not cover things like security patches for CMS core and plugin updates – we offer a fantastic security protection plan to help you with these needs. If you want to add an app, or want a new design or feature, we can assist you with your web development needs separately.

Our Austin web design team is happy to make your days easier.

Contact us today so we can deal with the grunt work and you can focus on your business.

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