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There is no question that search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary to appear on the first page of search engine results.

Local Digital MarketingLocal digital marketing in Austin and beyond requires an entirely different strategy, but one that pays off across the board. If you want to dominate the results in your area, you need to have a team of specialists who know all the ins and outs of ranking locally.

The organization of local search results are constantly in flux. Google’s 2014 algorithm update dubbed “Pigeon” introduced location specific results. On the very top of the results page, Google introduced an embedded map with seven recommended businesses. Today, that Local Pack has been reduced to a three pack. Under the Snack Pack, Google often favors business listing websites and suggestions for local companies. Only after these entries will you find the “top” local company website- at the bottom of page one and sometimes, not until page two. Being the top company in your area isn’t enough- you need help to be considered for inclusion in the Snack Pack and on the business listing websites.


CheckMarkMobile-friendly websites are being favored over websites that only operate well on a desktop environment. The Snack Pack is designed with smart phones in mind! If you want to bring in people in your region, your website must be mobile responsive. If it isn’t, the search engines will favor your competitors who have already optimized their website for mobile.

CheckMarkYou have to build a reputation in your area. You can do this by blogging regularly and making sure that your website is associated with other high authority websites. You want to be included in local business citations. It is vitally important to ensure the information is accurate and consistent everywhere your website appears in these listings. Just like link building in a straight SEM campaign aids relevancy, these things are needed to gain authority, which will increase your local ranking.

CheckMarkBasic SEO is still hugely beneficial in your quest. Your onsite SEO should be geared to your area. Content on your website and ingrained in other marketing tools like your online videos need to support your desire to rank locally.

Dominate Local Searches

All of these steps are designed to show the search engines that you deserve to be on page 1. For the best shot at being recommended on the maps, business listings and beyond, our talented search experts can design a superior digital marketing strategy that makes sure your website is optimized in such a way that you could maximize your showing. Think about it- under the current display, local websites have three separate chances to rank; the embedded map section, suggested in the business listings and being the top of the local business website results. You should vie to dominate all three sections in your area!

Don’t let your competition wedge you out of the results pages!


For all your Local SEO needs in Austin and elsewhere, contact us immediately for a free consultation.


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