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It’s no longer enough to throw a website out onto the Internet and hope for traffic.
Your local Austin SEO digital marketing strategy has to be extensive and proactive in order to remain competitive in today’s market, locally and globally.

Marketing Your Business For The 21st Century

digital marketing services

Advertising has evolved tremendously in the last decade. It wasn’t that long ago that every household kept cumbersome yellow pages by the phone, the radio and television loudly bombarded us all with recommendations of where your brand loyalties should lie, and coupon books and other mailed circulars were carefully picked through for the best deals. If you wanted your company to succeed, your marketing strategy likely targeted several different outlets for the maximum benefit.

Then, one day, the Internet dominated all.

The physical yellow pages delivered to your door are used as doorstops or are sent straight to the recycling bin. People stream music stations advertisement free and mute commercial breaks while watching TV. Mailed ads and coupons are largely ignored and considered a nuisance. Smart phones, computers and tablets have replaced traditional ways of reaching customers- everything you could want and need are just a few key strokes and a search box away. Your potential customers are online- you need to make sure they can find you.

Josiesque Designs is proud to offer services to maximize visibility to each and every one of their customers, from the ground up. These are just a few of the outstanding services we provide:

Website Design – BUILD TO RANK!

The very first step to success is making sure your website is an architectural masterpiece. Proper website structure and appearance are not only important, they are necessary for both search engines and site visitors- a website that is hard to navigate and generally unpleasant will hurt your ability to rank. Responsive design is imperative to rank locally and beyond. User experience needs to be the driving force of the website’s design as well as building it to meet all Google’s guidelines for top ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

Weaved into the very fabric of your website, onsite SEO will tell the search engines who you are and what you’re about, making it easier for them to categorize and rank your website. Valuable SEO content further supports your ranking while helping your potential customers understand your value.  We help you gain authority online.

Search Engine Marketing – PLAY TO WIN!

Not satisfied with your online presence? Search engine optimization (SEM) will put your website in the spotlight. Our full SEM Campaign will send you whizzing past the competition as you build online branding, presence, and authority in your industry. We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure the campaign continues to evolve and give you the boost you deserve for the best terms for your business.

Local Optimization and Marketing – REAP THE REWARDS!

Ranking locally is challenging, but incredibly rewarding- these are the people who know what they want and want it now. Our local digital marketing strategy is geared towards providing our clients with the best possible chance at appearing on page 1 for choice keyterms, but also being suggested on the embedded map/Local Pack section, as well as recommended on the business listings websites. This three pronged strategy is designed to help your company’s website dominate across the board in your area.

Client Support

We’re on page one, and we want our clients to have the same success. It’s important to focus your efforts on methods that will garner the best results. We don’t want you wasting your marketing dollars on ineffectual strategies and will guide you through what tools are the most valuable according to your industry. Not every business needs a YouTube channel, and you may not benefit from maintaining social media accounts. We want to turn your online presence into a marketing machine and will tailor a unique plan to maximize efficiency and return on an investment.

Beware companies who will promise you the #1 spot on Google’s search returns- no one has a “special” relationship with the search engines. Those companies employ dated tactics that try to manipulate search engine returns and once the algorithms identify these “black hat” tactics, it’s your website, not your SEO company, that is penalized. When looking for an digital marketing partner, research the company thoroughly, read the testimonials and choose wisely. We’re proud of our years of delivering exceptional service to our happy clientele.

For a free consultation covering local in SEO Austin and beyond contact us today. We look forward to helping your get the exposure and website traffic you deserve.

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