The search engine marketing (SEM) team at Austin based Josiesque Designs uses time tested tactics, a deep knowledge of what search engines want and cutting edge techniques to create the best possible strategy to boost your ranking and drive quality traffic to your website. The use of superior analytics tools helps our data specialists collect, analyze and build a campaign around the best data available. Every great marketing strategy begins with the acquisition and appraisal of excellent data.

Here are a few examples of analytic data that’s collected and evaluated:

CheckMarkKeyword identification

CheckMarkKeyword monitoring

CheckMarkAssessment of keywords

CheckMarkData verification

CheckMarkSearch volume

CheckMarkResult history

CheckMarkCompetitor comparisons

CheckMarkReverse search

CheckMarkOrigin of site traffic

Using Analytics To Understand Your Web Presence

How is your website doing in local searches? Does most of your traffic come from traditional or local results? Are people typing in your website address directly or does most of your traffic come from organic searches? What search engine do your customers prefer? How are people searching for companies in your industry? What keywords are more effective than others? These are just some of the mysteries the use of analytics can solve. The more you know about how people are searching for your company and in your industry, the more we can enhance your SEM plan. If you run a personalized SEM campaign, analytics will continue to be monitored and reported for the duration of the campaign in order to keep the momentum of the campaign going ever upward, while anticipating future steps. You need data specialists who can turn data into an informed strategy. You don’t just want more traffic to your website- you want to know how to attract the people who will become paying customers for your goods and services.

The list goes on and on- there is an abundance of great information out there and it’s imperative to partner with someone who can take this wealth of data and transform it to build the foundation for a results driven plan so you can get the best bang for your marketing bucks.

It’s not about volume of visitors; it’s all about quality website traffic.

Search engine marketing increases in importance every day- you should always strive to have a bigger piece of the monetary pie in your industry, and we’re happy to get you your ever-increasing share. We’re proud of being SEM specialists in Austin and look forward to partner with you, wherever your business is located.

Contact us to learn how we turn mountains of spreadsheets into an effective and brilliant marketing campaign.
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