5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Host

Shopping around for who you’ll trust to host your website is no small feat. After all, your online presence makes such a huge impact on your brand’s image that you almost can’t afford to get it wrong. Further, WordPress could move the recommended PHP version from 5.6 to PHP 7 as early as next year- will your hosting company be able to support you?

Ask yourself these 5 questions when you’re searching for your perfect web hosting match.

1. How Much Does Their Hosting Cost?austin website hosting

It’s not about who’s cheapest, per se, but who offers everything you need at the fairest price.

Often the cheapest web hosting service is that way for a reason: it only offers the bare bones. And while that may be appropriate for a personal blog, it likely won’t cut it for your small business. Browse through their plans, take note of which ones fit into your budget, and evaluate whether or not they’ll offer you everything you need.

2. What Are Their Hosting Security Features?

A good web host has always has a protection plan in place that’ll safeguard your site from nasty internet schemes that could put you and your customers at risk.

Here’s another good question to keep in mind: Do they keep an eye on black hat hacking trends? Will they alert you of nefarious activity on your site?

For instance, negative SEO has become more and more of a problem in the last few years as black hat hackers try to take out competition by breaking into a site and making it so the site ranks very poorly on Google. Make sure the host you choose is not only aware of these security issues but also knows how to handle them.

3. How Is Their Tech Support?

The last thing you want on your side when your site goes down is an unresponsive tech support team. What are their hours like? Do they speak English? Will you be able to speak to a real person once you hop on the phone?

These are all things you should be thinking about in advance so you know how to handle an emergency situation if it ever arises.

4. Do They Give You Room to Grow?

Make sure the service you choose has the infrastructure to support any growth you might experience in the future.

For instance, what kind of hosting services do they offer? Do they offer both shared and dedicated hosting? Shared hosting might work for you for now, but you might want to switch to a more dedicated server later on.

5. What Are Other People Saying?

Don’t just trust the testimonials listed on a business’s website. Find reviews from third-party sources—that way you’ll get to know how people really feel about a certain web hosting service.

You can also find out what nearby local business owners use for their hosting needs and pick their brains about what service works best for them.

Who Will You Trust?

Who will you trust with your business’s online image? Who will keep your best interests at heart and make sure they’re giving you the space and support you need to grow?

When you can answer those questions truthfully, you’ll know you’ve found the one.

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