Local Austin SEM Campaign

Local Austin online marketing campaign


Topping list after national list of the best places in America to live, to work, to play and to do business- Austin, Texas is one booming town! It gets a little more crowded every day but the influx of people is just a necessary consequence of success. In between getting fired up about the traffic on Mopac and how bad parking has gotten downtown, take a moment to appreciate how this boom is bringing in new faces daily. Let’s focus on bringing those potential clients to your doorstep. Let’s talk about how you need Austin local SEM and SEO to put you on the map.

Local search is becoming more and more important. It is in the best interest of Google and the other search engine companies to provide the most relevant and superior listings to their users performing their search- if the user is happy, the search engine will continue attracting new users. If your market is competitive (and let’s face it- in Austin, ALL markets are highly competitive!) you need to have an edge over other businesses in order to rank well on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and for a chance at being recommended on the “Snack Pack” Maps listing at the top of the Google SERPs.

At the minimum, you need to make sure you are doing these things to rank well locally:

Superior Website Design: Let’s pretend your website is a salesperson for your company- working 24/7, he’s working nonstop to help you succeed. You wouldn’t send him out into the world to represent you with one shoe, a stained shirt and torn trousers now, would you? Maybe he’s half asleep and won’t be able to answer any of your potential clients questions because you never provided him the information? You need to make sure your salespeople have the tools they need to succeed. You want to make sure the first interaction with the face of your company is a pleasant one…you don’t want to scare anyone away! Make sure the bones of your website are in good order and optimized for search engines and users alike. Exceptional web content will give your salesperson the voice your company deserves. A low quality website will drive away business- a great website never stops working for you!

Make it Mobile Friendly: You don’t just want traffic to your website- you want your website to bring in paying customers. People searching on their cell phones and tablets want something and they want it right now- which translates to cash for whomever is there on the other side of the screen to provide them with it. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, your website is not translating well in a mobile environment-the search engines will ignore your site in favor of your competitor that has a responsive site. Remember- the search engine’s priority is their user’s experience; even if you’ve been on the top of the SERPs for a decade, without a mobile responsive website, your site is history.

Blog Well and Blog Often: Google and the other search engines want the best businesses and websites to recommend at the top of their SERPs to their users and nothing is more effective to get regularly crawled and indexed by the Googlebots than blogging. Not only does this give you more pages to rank, but it tells Google you are an authority in your industry- and it’s a website with the most authority Google wants up on the SERPs. Content Marketing will get you the results you want if you do it right- check out the answers to Why Should I Blog?

Get Reviews From Customers: You’ve had nothing but satisfied and/or happy customers for all the years you’ve done business? Fantastic- ask them to tell the world and write your company a review. Search engines LOVE businesses with great reviews. Great Reviews=Great Company=Great User experience. If you want an edge over your competition, especially locally, you need reviews.

Get Your Business Listed Locally: When you perform a search for a local business, you’ll notice the afore mentioned Snack Pack and local business listings appear before local website results. If you want to rank well locally, you want to get on the Maps and sites like Tripadvisor, Zomato, Urban Spoon, Yelp- website listings that cover your industry for the best possible showing on the SERPs.

At the bare minimum, if you are doing all of the things listed above, you have a chance at ranking decently on the SERPs. Chances are, your competition is trying to do this too. You need an advantage. You need experts to get you results. You need Josiesque Designs.

Running an Austin SEM campaign takes a lot of work, planning and strategy. If you don’t know what you’re doing and “over optimize” your website, you may end up with the exact opposite results you were hoping for. Don’t send your best salesperson out into the world drowning in cheap cologne and a tracksuit! Your hardest working salesperson deserves your full support- and in turn, you will be richly rewarded with a constant flow of new customers and satisfied regular clients and all thanks to the well-groomed powerhouse representing you on the web. Move that marketing budget over to your best marketing asset and you’ll be reaping the benefits for a long time to come. Let us help you make your mark in Austin.

Reach out to the brilliant team at Josiesque Designs for a free consultation. We’ll build up your online persona so you can get back to running your wonderful business in the real world.

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